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Happiness Box!

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and the Holidays Wishlist Meme that you can find here is giving me the opportunity to make it happen (the fact that Jayden also put something similar in her list greatly helped me remember about this, you go girl!). In this Happiness Box (it's not so much a box as you can see but I thought it was a pretty name, sue me), I want to store only things that make me happy! I do hope that you can help me fill it. How is what you're probably wondering, well, it's simple:

  • Leave comments (as many as you want!) with things that would make me happy! It can be words of encouragement, what you think of me and our friendship, pictures/videos of my biases, inspiring quotes, a voice message of you being cute (!!!), and overall everything that you think I would like!

The goal is that everytime I come to this post (aka everytime I feel sad), I will just have to scroll down and go through comments to feel happy (or just better) and smile again.

Please, help me be happy! ♡
Tags: #happiness box
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