Happiness Box!

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and the Holidays Wishlist Meme that you can find here is giving me the opportunity to make it happen (the fact that Jayden also put something similar in her list greatly helped me remember about this, you go girl!). In this Happiness Box (it's not so much a box as you can see but I thought it was a pretty name, sue me), I want to store only things that make me happy! I do hope that you can help me fill it. How is what you're probably wondering, well, it's simple:

  • Leave comments (as many as you want!) with things that would make me happy! It can be words of encouragement, what you think of me and our friendship, pictures/videos of my biases, inspiring quotes, a voice message of you being cute (!!!), and overall everything that you think I would like!

The goal is that everytime I come to this post (aka everytime I feel sad), I will just have to scroll down and go through comments to feel happy (or just better) and smile again.

Please, help me be happy! ♡

Holidays Wishlist Meme! *w*

So, I have done this wishlist meme five years ago and I remember it being so much fun that I wanted to bring it back again. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, think of it as an event to cherish the people you love and make the world around you happier! ;w;

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My list.

★ - Kpop merch - Mostly INFINITE, oops. It goes from Season 2 (I’m helping eightninetwo getting rid of her extra copies haha) and/or Be Back (the only two albums I don’t own ;;) to their first Japanese original album (Sunggyu version) and (Limited edition with DVD), One Great Step Returns and/or Japan Tour Dilemma and/or That Summer 2 DVDs and IDEA photobook. Anything Sunggyu related is also more than welcomed! ♡ Also, VIXX’s Chained Up albums would be lovely~

★ - Candles - I absolutely adore candles, especially from Yankee Candle! I like votives as they’re cheap, still burn a decent time and allow me to test lots of scents (+ they look pretty on my headboard ;;;;). Sweet Strawberry (!!), Red Raspberry, Cherry Lemonade, Juicy Watermelon, or Sun&Sand are scents I would like to try but feel free to have fun and pick scents you think would match me <3 Candles from other places are always welcome, of course! (such as IKEA’s vanilla candle which is cheap and smells pretty good for its price!)

★ - Fics - I’ve never had a fic written for me outside of exchanges and well, it would please me a lot, especially if it’s a fic not prompted by me but just something that you think I would enjoy reading :) If you need prompts, I will happily submit a list.

★ - Lipsticks and tints (various price range o/) - Laneige Two Tone Lipbar Lipstick (in shades 02, 01, 09, 04, 08), Peri’s Ink (shades #1, #3, #5) The Faceshop Ink Lipquids (shades Shah Pink, Pink Hommage, Apple Red, Coral Chu), Tony Moly Delight Liptint (shade #2 - Red), Water Sliding Tint (in shades #1 - Pink Prism, #3 - Sweet Heart, #7 - Crazy Ruby, #12 - Fruit Punch, #14 - Carribean Red, #15 - Cherry Coke)

★ - Film for my polaroid camera, especially this one or this one.

★ - Tea (and sweets) from different countries.

★ - Letters from you or pictures/postcards or even just decoration elements for my room :3 Just something to remind me of you ♡ Also, cute office/stationery supplies, pens/sharpies or anything that I can use daily and be reminded of you while doing so!

★ - Comments to fill my happiness box ♡ (totally inspired by slashedsilver) o/

★ - Make-up - I don’t need much except for a new blush. I have my eyes on Milani’s Baked Blush (in shades #3, #9 or #11), Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher (in all 4 shades) and Benefit’s Coralista and I’m always up for trying new foundations as well so if you have recs on what I should try, let me know! I’m always, always, always up to try new products!

★ - A Scrabble light

My friends’ lists (Comment below with a link to yours!)
Here - slashedsilver
Here - kirakirashahida
Here - mara_ciro
Here - exclusivite

I strongly encourage you to do it, too! Even if you don’t have a LJ account! Tumblr, Twitter, a gdoc, everywhere works as long as there’s a link to share! :)

Also, if you’re planning on getting me something, just say so in comments? You don’t have to say what it is, but just that you are so people can contact you and maybe avoid picking and sending the same thing :’) (which would end up being quite awkward... )

If you need my address, just PM me or holla’ at me at @gyupcake *w*
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[FIC] Boy, We're Running Free (Facing Light in the Flow)

Boy, We’re Running Free (Facing Light in the Flow)
exo. baekhyun/kyungsoo.
7,183w, pg-13. warning - minor character death.
originally written for sooenaemoured.

Byun Baekhyun, identification number zero six zero five one two zero seven eight three, fifty-one percent yellow, twenty-eight percent magenta, thirteen percent indigo, eight percent turquoise. That's everything he is — a number in a file, a series of colors defining him, defining his career path, his schedule, his friends, defining his fate.


(first fic in a long time. wow.)
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seeking happiness.

This entry will be quite similar to 1stepcl0ser's one since we both talked about doing this meme on twitter. I'm pretty nervous about posting it, mostly because I don't believe people will be responsive but I guess it's your job to prove me wrong! /nudges flist (and tlist too)

Pick a day of the month of March, any day. Then, give me a topic to talk about in my journal on that date. You can also ask me a question to answer on that day, whatever you prefer.

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I will update the list with topics you have given me! :3 It can be about everything and anything, really. fandom, biases, writing, fics, otp, reasons to ship, fashion, make-up, things you are curious about but never asked. feel free to go crazy! ;w; and give me topics because it will force me to update this dead lj.

Vanessa also inspired me to sign-up for the 100 happy days challenge which consists in posting a picture of what made you happy, every day during 100 days. I'm a bit nervous because 100 days seems so long but I truly believe it can be a positive experience and I have nothing to lose, right?
Let me know if you're joining too, that could be fun to do this together! For my part, I will be posting my pictures on instagram (my account is sehunlogy) and probably on twitter too? I don't really know yet.
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31 days blog challenge; day 3/4/5/6.

Okay, I need to catch up on the days I missed so this is going to be a pretty long entry, I guess? (or maybe not because you never know with me).

3. Your favorite quote
My favorite is probably this one (you can also find it on my sidebar):

I must learn to love the fool in me the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.
- Theodore Isaac Rubin.

It's not exactly meaningful in the sense of it doesn't make you think but well, I think it hits me pretty deep because of how true it is. I can identify myself to it and I just think it fits me downright to a T.

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31 days blog challenge; day 1.

I'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out. I am a living disaster when it comes to livejournal and posting regular entries. Nonetheless, I thought a meme would be a nice way to settle back into blogging. The fact that two members of my f-list (1stepcl0ser & theviolonist) are doing it at the moment was the little push I needed, well, I just hope doing this is as fun as reading it.
1. Introduction and recent photo
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christmas/holidays cards! *w*;;;

i wasn't able to do this last year and i really, really, really missed it so well, i won't miss the occasion this year!! *3* it might be a bit early but i want to know how many cards i have to make because yes, i might send homemade cards this year and create them from scratch!! *w* (hope my skills have improved ^^;;)

so yes, this post is to know who wants to get a card! you don't have to send one back, don't worry! c: i know how nice it is to get mail/letters/cards/gifts and such and well, if i can brighten your day even a little then it's enough for me! *w*;;

if you want a card, please do say so and leave your address in a comment (they're screened) or send me a PM here! (or a DM through twitter if you want) n__n