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seeking happiness.

This entry will be quite similar to 1stepcl0ser's one since we both talked about doing this meme on twitter. I'm pretty nervous about posting it, mostly because I don't believe people will be responsive but I guess it's your job to prove me wrong! /nudges flist (and tlist too)

Pick a day of the month of March, any day. Then, give me a topic to talk about in my journal on that date. You can also ask me a question to answer on that day, whatever you prefer.

1. talk about your name! what does it mean, what are its origins, how do you identify with it, do you like it and do you think it suits you :3 if you could have another name, would you choose to change it and what would you change it to? (anewsymphony)
2. talk about your friends (1stepcl0ser)
3. tell me about the food you like to make! (mintchoc) - what do you expect from a boyfriend/partner? (1stepcl0ser)
4. talk about your family (1stepcl0ser)
5. What were your favourites games, tv shows, songs, food when your were a kid? (jaimeriendutout)
6. talk about sunggyu :3 (cosmicfish) - do you think money is important and can make a person happy? why/why not? what else is needed? (1stepcl0ser)
7. what is love to you? ♥ (sunlit)
8. tell me about a love story bb, something that makes you happyyy (duijangs)
9. your favourite book(s) and movie(s) and why (1stepcl0ser)
10. when and how did you get into exo? (1stepcl0ser)
11. Positive and negative things about fashion. (jeune_fleur)
12. describe your perfect day (duijangs)
13. why do you ship hunhan? (1stepcl0ser)
14. tea or coffee? what is your morning routine? (cosmicfish)
15. who are your favourite author(s) and why? (mintchoc)
16. Tell me what your favorite color is and how much of it you have in your room and personal belongings. (jeune_fleur) - worst vacation ever? why/what happened? (1stepcl0ser)
17. introduce us to where you're living now! what are the landmarks? where would you take a visitor? pros / cons? (mintchoc)
18. which city/country have you always dreamt of visiting and why? (sunlit)
19. five french words that are pretty, in your opinion, and the reason! (vibranthue)
20. when did you start listening to justin timberlake? talk about your favourite bands/singers, no matter if kpop or not. (1stepcl0ser)
21. do you have a lucky number? and if you have one, what's the meaning? (@sugasmic)
22. talk about your favorite cuisine, including the dishes you like the most (lovemydanger)
23. what's your favorite sport(s) to watch on TV and why? (@sugasmic) - do you drink alcohol? if so, what are your favourite drinks? do you smoke or have you ever smoked a cigarette? (1stepcl0ser)
24. rec me your favorite fics (can be baeksoo, baekchen, even hunhan 8D but there must be at least one baeksoo fic hehehe) (duijangs)
25. what captures your eye in a photograph? content, colour composition, the feelings you get, the image itself, etc.? what's your favourite photograph irl, and also your favourite photo of exo, and why? (sunlit)
26. give us your top3 otp's~ and what are your notp(s)? wae? (@sugasmic) - talk about how you fight stress and go through bad days (lovemydanger)
27. talk about your favourite item of clothing (cosmicfish) - talk about sehun (cosmicfish)
28. what's your favourite style when it comes to make-up? like, what things do you use or how would you describe your favourite look? what are your favourite items/brands? (1stepcl0ser)
29. talk about your favourite girl group (cosmicfish)
30. share with us your best holidays memories~ (@sugasmic) -talk about the most pleasant and unforgettable dream(s) you've had in your twenty four yrs of life, and the weirdest ones, if you can still recall (lovemydanger)
31. what is your first memory? (cosmicfish) - what are your thoughts on internet friendship? what are the differences between rl friends and online friends? (1stepcl0ser)

I will update the list with topics you have given me! :3 It can be about everything and anything, really. fandom, biases, writing, fics, otp, reasons to ship, fashion, make-up, things you are curious about but never asked. feel free to go crazy! ;w; and give me topics because it will force me to update this dead lj.

Vanessa also inspired me to sign-up for the 100 happy days challenge which consists in posting a picture of what made you happy, every day during 100 days. I'm a bit nervous because 100 days seems so long but I truly believe it can be a positive experience and I have nothing to lose, right?
Let me know if you're joining too, that could be fun to do this together! For my part, I will be posting my pictures on instagram (my account is sehunlogy) and probably on twitter too? I don't really know yet.
Tags: #100happydays, random : meme
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