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→ intro. you don't know me.

É l é m e n t a i r e s.

★ céline. celinnie. twenty five. december twenty first, nineteen eighty nine. female. french, living in france. fluent in french & english. kinda lost.

curious. shy. fidgety. clumsy. short. kind. even tempered. loving. witty. down to earth. friendly. anxious. happy. loyal. trustworthy. impatient. loves to joke. goofy. insecure. honest. loves to be loved. daydreamer. craves for freedom. logical. awkward.

A d d i t i o n e l s.

hobbies - reading. writing. sleeping. net-surfing. travels. watching movies, listening to music, spazzing over my biases. eating, shopping.

music -

kpop - vixx. infinite. rainbow. bestie. kara. shinee. girl's day. ss501. bap. bangtan boys. jay park. ailee. phantom. nell.

other - justin timberlake. one direction. (no shame) backstreet boys. westlife. nickelback. michael bublé. lifehouse. the beatles.

biases - lee hongbin. go woori. jung nicole. kim sunggyu. oh sehun. lu han. kim jongdae. choi minho. na haeryeong. jung soojung.

+ - harry potter. fashion. make-up. traveling. penpals. coffeehouses, ice cream, romance.

R e s p o n s a b i l i t é s.

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☆ co-mod of dashidorawa

t o i ?

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